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AriAlisa_Awakening and Wellbeing_Spirituality_Meditation_ThetaHealing
AriAlisa_Awakening and Wellbeing_Spirituality_Meditation_ThetaHealing


Discover the love, happiness, peace, and harmony of your Being. Discover the joy of creating with the Divine. Join our upcoming events or book a one-on-one online coaching to experience the transformative power of this ancient wisdom. We will guide you through the process of releasing limiting conditioning and teach you the necessary tools to accessing your true potential. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your life and connect with your spiritual purpose. Contact us today to learn more!

With a combined total of more than 30 years of experience in alternative and holistic healing, of which 20 years in ThetaHealing, we are fulfilled to helping others achieve a state of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Our focus has been on sharing the benefits of the powerful modality known as the ThetaHealing® Technique. Through our dedication and expertise, we have touched the lives of many individuals, empowering them to transform their lives and achieve their full potential.

Before 2020, we used to teach seminars in-person in various European countries. We sill enjoy teaching in-person, but the pandemic has provided an opportunity for us to guide seminars and meditations online. With this new format, individuals from all over the globe can attend and benefit from the events. We are grateful for the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world and to create together a fulfilling and happy life in harmony with the universe. 

ThetaHealing_Basic DNA_with Ari and Alisa
ThetaHealing online via Zoom_with Ari and Alisa
ThetaHealing in-person_with Ari and Alisa


We were born in Romania, Europe, but our life journeys have taken us down different paths until we met in 2017. We each have unique stories to tell and have faced different challenges and experiences in our lives. Our roots serve as a foundation for our individual journeys, but it is the choices we make along the way that truly shape our lives and define who we are.

Ari_Spiritual Teacher_ThetaHealing Master and Certificate of Science since 2012


I moved with my parents to Germany when I was 11 years young. Spirituality has been a long and constant companion for me. As a child, inspired by my grandmother's faith, I felt a deep connection to the Christ light in the heart. During adolescence, my interest in martial arts and philosophy led me towards Eastern spirituality, particularly the Tao. Later, while pursuing the MBA at university, I completed reiki and meditation training on the side and continued to learn and grow in my spiritual practice.

In 2006, after graduating from university, I made the decision to leave behind toxic relationships and an unhealthy environment. I became a nomad and set out on a journey to find freedom and happiness. I traveled to Latin America, India, and Europe, where I practiced and taught meditation, yoga, and various healing modalities. The travels allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of different cultures and alternative approaches to wellness, which I continue to incorporate in my personal and professional life.

In 2012, I had a remarkable experience with Vianna Stibal, the founder of the ThetaHealing Technique. We could witness an instant healing on a sharp back pain that I had. This life-changing event led me to become a ThetaHealing Master & Certificate of Science a few months later and I began sharing the newfound life philosophy with others. I am grateful every day for the transformations that have occurred by the grace of the Divine.

Alisa_Spiritual Teacher_ThetaHealing Instructor


I moved with my parents to Spain when I was 15 years young. From an early age, I discovered the power of prayer and developed it into my inner guidance. As a teenager, the interest and passion for different expressions of art provided me joy and spiritual upliftment. This led to the realization that every individual has the potential to be a source of inspiration.

Facing health problems and toxic relationships, I turned to spiritual practices in hopes of finding inner peace. Through my spiritual journey, I learned to find harmony in life and gained a deeper understanding of myself and those around me. I realized that in order to heal and move forward, I needed to let go of negative patterns and focus on the present moment. With a keen interest in the functioning of the mind and the philosophies that shape the world, I embarked on a journey to discover different healing modalities.

In 2015 I was introduced to ThetaHealing. This has been a life-changing experience for me, as it has provided me with tools that have helped me to know and understand myself. This transformative experience inspired the desire to share it with others, knowing that by looking inward and practicing spiritual techniques, you can cultivate inner peace and understanding of the interconnectedness of all things.



Life united us at the ThetaHealing Instructor Certification in Spain in March 2017 and we made the commitment to get married in September 2023.

After our wedding, we decided to follow the call and start traveling again in 2024. We’re grateful for the opportunity to share the vocation we love while experiencing a nomad lifestyle with our current location in Canary Islands.

Despite that we had to navigate through some challenges in the last years, we are thankful for everything we have learned and experienced. During that time we have been guided to study and practice Self Inquiry with the Advaita master Mooji, in addition to the ThetaHealing and yoga practice. We feel deep gratitude for Vianna's and Mooji's guidance and pointers. In hindsight we came to the realisation that it is an innate awareness, a divine love and light, that guides and takes care of us all along. That pure awareness of All-That-Is is dwelling within all our hearts. It is that what connects us all. 


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Looking forward to seeing you!
Love and Gratitude
Ari & Alisa

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